10 Reasons to Start a Creative Online Business

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So you’ve decided to make the business jump. Maybe you are starting a whole new career … or building  a new highly profitable business … or you’ve got this work from home job assignment coming in, accounting perhaps or graphic design. You are closing in putting this business to word, to developing a “brand” and setting prices. You know of the online world. What you don’t know is aplenty.

There are more than ten reasons to start a creative business online, but these ten are some of the biggest. It’s not in any order, as to each creative business entrepreneur these elements are entirely different. Some would say working from home is minor, while stay at home fathers and mothers would disagree. Some would say outselling retail stores is crucial, while many would point out B2B is highly profitable. However you feel, get excited once your creative business goes online.

Work from Home Possibilities:

The work from home element is  hot in today’s world; in any climate, when economies are rising or falling, working at home offers distinct advantages. You get to one point addressed here: you’re the boss. You have no one looking over you. There are also more risks with work from home businesses, but to many it’s more than worth it. Combine a creative business entrepreneur with a determined work from home mind, you get higher margins of profit.

Higher Margins:

The profit margins in any field go up online. You can cut down on prices with the click of a mouse. You can raise prices on hot items in the same fashion. You can sell the items out of a small office in your garage, avoiding the warehouse and office rentals. More, online customers want convenience. If you can offer good deals and maybe even free shipping, you get more products sold. One business following this trend, and putting brick-and-mortar companies out of business, is Amazon. They control many markets in today’s online world, and they’re a creative business in action.

Easier Sales:

With the click of a mouse you can not only pay shipping costs but print out labels. Customers have a harder time returning items, yes, but they also get convenience of shopping online.

More Customers:

Think about this: you’re in a building which is in a city with 50,000 possible customers, or you’re in a warehouse connected to several billion buyers across the world. More customers come in any successful creative business.

More B2B:

You can connect with more business–to-business markets too. Say you’re not selling items, but services. You can build an entire professional website, often by yourself, and post customer testimonials and the advantages of your product. You contact another business offering your services; within seconds they can see your site and what you offer. For many professionals, like graphic designers, consultants, and writers, the creative business online is a must.

Creativity and Art:

You can be a bit more creative with your business in the online world, having fun offering different kinds of product/services. If it doesn’t work, if the small sale you offered on a feature product fails, you are out one minor online promotion.  You can change it in ten minutes, offering a new one. Artistically, the creative business online allows you more room to use writing, images, graphics, and even audio to sell to customers. Let’s look at Amazon again, and there use of “renting” movies and TV shows for small prices to online users. It’s a creative promotion, requiring little upkeep and with high profit margins. They simply built a strong service, then made it appealing and reasonable.

Outselling Retail Stores:

You’re not always going to outsell brick-and-mortar creative businesses. People still like to shop in person. For example, clothing stores will likely stay in business—people like to know if the suit or dress will fit before spending $100 on it. However, the fact is creative online businesses are often also brick-and-mortar establishments. Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and thousands of other chains use the internet to sell more products, adding to their incomes with a low upkeep method of selling.

Lower Upkeep:

Yet again, you can keep all your items in a warehouse … or you can put your graphic designs online instead of printing them out on paper hundreds of times. You can send promotions out via email, or just offer sales with major, eye-catching headlines on your sites main page. Everything is easier.

Off the Ground Faster:

If you are an entrepreneur, building an online creative business makes sense, whether you sell products or services. You don’t need to wait for the building to be constructed, nor do you need to hire cashiers, managers, or telemarketers. You can still do that, but the online creative business can be off the ground in weeks. Regular stores usually take years to spread across the country or world. You can become a hot commodity much faster online.

You’re the Boss!

The last reason is a more personal, small business way of looking at this whole creative business online element. It also comments on the work from home reason, because working from home often entails being your own boss.  There are billions of web pages out offering millions of sites services/products. The online world is ripe for creative business professionals to take their share of the market. If you are an entrepreneur, you must go online. If you’re the boss, you get the majority  of the benefits of going online.

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