3 Ways to Make Money With Google

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[ad#Google Adsense]There are three ways to make money online with Google. The only real prerequisite for Google is you have a site or blog with real pages on topics that aren’t controversial. If you have controversial content,  like hateful material or others, you may run into trouble marketing with Google. But for the most part, your book blog or informational site can and will make you money. Google is the prime place to make money online for any publisher, and with some new additions to Google, more quality sites and blogs have the opportunity to earn even more.

So how can you make money online with Google?

Google Adsense for Content

This is the most direct way to make money online with Google, whether it’s blogging cash from Google Adsense for your entertainment blog or PPC ads on your info website. You write on a topic, Google posts ads on your site which correspond. Basically, you start a blog on books, so you get ads for the new bestsellers. There are always other PPC programs, but Google Adsense is the best way to make money online with a web site or blog.

Google Adsense Search

This puts a Google search on your site, usually at the top right. A reader can search for anything on Google search, and then if they click an ads after that, you get the commission. This is only bad in  that your directing readers away from your site and where you may not get a click. Still, even regular Adsense would do the same thing, you’d just always make money.

Google Affiliate Network

As a publisher, you can earn money via Google Affiliate Network by being chosen to advertise key products and services from advertisers. This works similarly to Adsense in how your paid via clicks or referrals, but has potential in different ways as more quality sites can get respected advertising dollars.

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