Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing or SMM describes the use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and other online communities like forums, blogs, and wikis as a platform for marketing strategies. Social networks and online communities have the advantages of being free, open to everyone, and providing a massive audience. In today’s world of evolving communication technology, successful businesses can’t ignore social media’s potential as a powerful marketing tool.

Being able to connect directly to a target audience has many benefits for companies wanting to promote their products and services or looking to improve public relations or customer service. The following are a few of the benefits provided by social media marketing.

  1. Connecting with a target audience will increase interest in a company and product, generating traffic and spontaneous attention to the company’s website or links in a way that is natural and not artificially commercial. Social media is all about social communication, and a social media marketing strategy that involves indirect promotion through conversation will attract more attention than direct commercialism.
  2. If a company’s target audience is interested in the product, message, or service, they will most likely spread the word, providing a company with an even larger audience. Encouraging a specific message to go viral, or spread widely throughout the social community, can provide a company with cheap, powerful promotion.
  3. Connecting with a target audience in a social setting is the perfect platform to nurture goodwill towards the company or product. Giving the audience a friendly face to connect with can improve customer relations and increase positive interest in a product or service. Working the social media settings can establish a company’s reputation and influence the audience.
  4. Social networks and other communities can provide companies with a way to monitor consumer interest in their product, service, or message, either by contacting them directly or by keeping track of other conversations about the subject.
  5. Social media marketing complements other marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization or online advertising campaigns. These different strategies work together seamlessly to provide a company with a wide-reaching online presence.
  6. Social media marketing is a very cost effective way to connect with a target audience, giving a company a cheap promotion method with a high rate of return for the low investment.

The indirect nature of social network promotion and the necessity of constant monitoring means social media marketing can be very time consuming, but this is the only true downside. The very flexible and versatile aspect of social media frameworks gives an almost infinite variety of ways to bring exposure to a company or product. No company or business should refrain from utilizing the power and potential of social media marketing.

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