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Lots of $$$ to be made when you are messing about on YouTube

You have probably heard some of the hype going around on getting paid to do simple jobs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These are called ‘Social Media Jobs’ and they are a really hot trend in the job market right now, but what exactly are they? How can you get one? There is a really […]

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM describes the use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and other online communities like forums, blogs, and wikis as a platform for marketing strategies. Social networks and online communities have the advantages of being free, open to everyone, and providing a massive audience. In today’s world of evolving communication […]

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Should You Hire a SEO Copywriter?

Should you hire a SEO copywriter?  It has often been said that content is king in the world of SEO, and to a certain extent, that is true.  Good content will lure more visitors—and keep more visitors, more importantly—than any amount of clever keyword usage.  But even if you have good, solid content, it may […]

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The Truth About Adsense and the Myth of Overnight Riches

There is a lot of business being done and hot air being talked across the internet around the ability of Google’s Adsense programme to change your life and make you rich, even overnight if some of the ‘get rich quick’ peddlers are to be believed. Anyone starting out with a website or thinking of using […]

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The Importance of List Building

Collecting email addresses has evolved over the past years to a point of sheer volume of potential buyers. More and more people are going online with money to spend, sometimes hoping to make money, sometimes looking for free items, but not always looking to read emails from businesses they know nothing about. That’s both the […]

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Who Should Take the SEO “Bill”? Marketing or Technical Departments?

Every day something can be learned about SEO, but so many things go unaddressed, unfortunately even by those who say they’re SEO experts. The big question that needs to be addressed here is the SEO bill. Should your technical department take the SEO bill? Or should marketing handle it?

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10 Reasons to Invest Time and Money in SEO

So what’s all the fuss about investing time and capital into SEO? Search engine optimization can be done by anyone … or it’s too expensive … or there are too many scams out there and far too many sites. So why invest into it if anyone can do it, or if its expensive, or if […]

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10 Popular SEO Myths

SEO often gets a bad name from those who are “experts”. The problem mainly is SEO can make you lots of money. The provider obviously profits, but if done right proper SEO creates profit too. That leads to the 1st myth of SEO, and it’s a good start.

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The Surprising Age of the Average Twitter User

Teenagers and young adults have historically dominated the social media landscape. These groups were the early adopters and they drove websites such as Facebook and MySpace to amazing heights. This is not the case with Twitter. The latest craze in social media attracts much older users. Twitter’s unusual demographics present both challenges and opportunities for […]

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Is Viral Marketing Important for the Success of Your Business?

Viral marketing or the advertising of a company by word of mouth is one of the most essential ingredients of a successful business. It is an effective strategy that can be used to spread the name of a business more quickly than any other. Not only can viral marketing get the name of a company […]

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5 Reasons Law Firms Should Integrate SEO into their Marketing Efforts

Customer acquisition is an essential facet of growing law firms and generating new profits. Additionally, customer retention is critical for the sustainability of legal businesses and law firms. Focusing on meaningful strategies that will attract the type of customer that a legal business would like to discover as well as assist a law firm in […]

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Affiliate Marketing: Biggest Mistakes Many Beginners Make

Affiliate marketing success isn’t always easy to obtain – especially when one makes a costly mistake.  It’s a pretty common fact that less than 10% of affiliates make decent money, yet thousands jump onto the band  wagon all the time hoping that they can earn money as well.  Unfortunately, most don’t have what it takes […]

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Top 3 Internet Marketing Strategies

As an entrepreneur, you have probably heard of the tried and tested ways to market the products or services you offer. You might have studied different marketing models in an attempt to steer your business to success. Along the road, you have encountered several difficulties in the application of your marketing strategies. Of course, you […]

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Importance of SEO: A New Reality, the Picture!

“If you were rich, able to buy anything you wanted from stores, buying the signature cars, treating your loved one to expensive jewelry and dinners constantly …  “ A picture like that may not be what comes out of your SEO copy, but a picture it is.  If you’re confused, a picture is one of […]

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Importance of the SEO: Keys to Showing Proof

Typically creative businesses go from a promise to a proof that this is a the  “real deal.” For instance, you say, “I will give you half commissions for the sale.” That works as the promise. The proof is just as essential. What is proof? Where does all this come in? and how does that apply […]

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Major Search Engines Rules: The SEO B2B Company Page

If you are approaching the B2B market with an eye on profit, the online world and SEOs are the hallmark of developing new profit schemes. From passive income to direct income, B2B online is a huge field with the potential for doubling or even tripling profits. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because SEO […]

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The Importance of Search Engines for Research and Buying: SEO And Google

Search engines are, to use a cliché, the bread and butter of thousands of successful B2B companies. While it’s also obvious business to customers is worth billions in the online marketplace, this article focuses on the important of SEO B2B search engine research, and how it will almost always lead to more sales. SEO is […]

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B2B Marketers Have a Budget of Time and Money: SEO Marketing With a Budget

SEO marketers do have a budget, and that might be you. Running a creative business online is often better when you have nerves of steel and can work overtime. B2B marketing, however, is something that with time does become easier—especially when you understand the importance of unique search engine marketing itself. This guide focuses on […]

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SEO Keys: Search Engine Marketing and Placement For Small Business

Small businesses are fast becoming major businesses in the online marketplace. More and more are finding out the Internet isn’t undecipherable: you can find customers here from across the world, sell specialty items or quality lower priced items in volume. How? This guide explains mainly the importance of the SEO when developing any small businesses. […]

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Importance of Social Media SEO For B2B Creative Sellers

With blogs being literally read by hundreds of millions, and millions creating more blogs every year, social media is perhaps the biggest change in the creative business online marketplace in the past years. Social media, in short, sums up a more user friendly interface for internet surfers. So how does SEO come into social media? […]

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