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All too often bloggers go into this niche field with the wrong ideas on how to make money online blogging. After all, blogging from home sounds great  until you have to write all the posts, market them with social media, then try to nail the right advertisers.

Why do most blogs fail? The statistics on blogging may sound negative, but they’re really just to give you a taste of reality. Most blogs fail, but so do most businesses. And it’s usually a lot cheaper to fail with a blog than a major business.

Most blogs fail because they don’t create the correct blogging model to keep working, keep selling, and finally earn money online. There are plenty of guides on blogging, not to mention SEO blogging, but few give you the reality. It’s tough to succeed with a blog.

The good news is you can stand out immediately with a clear blogging model. This is a business plan with a different name. In a business plan, you plan for the short and long term. You decide on things like employees or contractors, who will do your marketing, how your business will compete against other top companies in you field, and so on. It plans for both surviving failure and making the most of success.

Blogging model or blogging business plan, the point is it earns you more money over time. So let’s go over four steps of creating a blogging model.

Content Creation Model

Where will your content come from? Who will you hire, publish, pay? Will you do it all yourself? Most blogs are like small businesses with only a team of one, sometimes two. But some blogs do become powerhouses and add workers all the time.

But “content is king” is all the more true with blogs. You need to set some goals on how you will create content. You need to focus on keywords too, for both SEO and marketing.

Lastly, how will you publish this content, and where will the design come from? A good blog is an easy user interface. It gives info simply and quickly.

Marketing Model

Building up traffic is the next step after creating and publishing content. But as mentioned, content works well for marketing too. SEO content acts as it’s own marketing vehicle. Some blogs focus entirely on this cost-effective way to market a blog.

The other point here is who you want to visit your blog. All visitors are good, but you want repeat visitors who actually buy or click and earn money online for you. If you have a book review blog, you would definitely be interested in bookworms. You are happy with each visitor, but focus on keeping those who make you money online.

Monetization, An Earning Model

To make money blogging you need to monetize. This should be in your plan for continued success. This is the bottom line, the gauge of whether this blog will make it. Passive and linear income are kings here. Passive income is money you made with no direct action, while linear is more direct, like being hired for a writing project. Both earn you money online in different ways.

There are many companies for monetization, placing ads that correspond to your niche. It does depend on niche too, as some blogs work best with an affiliate marketer like Clickbank while for others Google Adsense is king. It may take some trial and error, but once you have the content and readers, you can make money blogging consistently.

Beyond Ads

Lastly, bloggers need to go beyond simple passive income. To make money online in any form requires not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Linear income has many definitions, but it’s really making money directly. You sold a product. You were hired for a contractor job. The definitions get fuzzy, but the point is to go beyond only ads and passive income. It’s a tough market sometimes if you focus only on ads. A good blogging model uses both passive and linear income strategies which coincide to earn money online.


A blogging model is really an extension of the ideas floating in your head. You may fail with your first one or two blogs, but you’ll learn each time and rework your blogging model. Or maybe you’ll use it to effectively create a powerhouse blog. The best way to blog, in the end, is to simply write on topics you 1) have experience with and 2) enjoy. Then you can actually make money blogging, make this a career, and start another blog.
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