Google Sniper 2.0 Review

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Google Sniper 2.0
is the follow up to George Brown’s original course, which was one of the biggest selling internet marketing courses of 2010. George was an 18 year old furniture mover when he developed his sniper method and his emergence as a six figure affiliate marketer helped make him a household name among internet marketers.

George first sold the course as an ebook at a discounted price on an internet marketing forum and the response was overwhelming.  Satisfied customers raved about Google Sniper and declared George Brown an internet marketing prodigy.  Due to the great demand for his product, George rewrote the course to add more content and added video tutorials that allowed viewers to look over his shoulder as he implemented his system.  Once it was available for wide release, Google Sniper became one of the biggest internet marketing successes of 2010 and instantly made George Brown one of the top names in the industry.

Like the original, Google Sniper focuses on how to find keywords with strong search volume but low competition and then build sites using George’s sniper method to get them ranked high on Google with minimal effort.  The course is very in-depth and starts by teaching how to select a keyword, choose a domain and install WordPress.  There is also advice on what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a WordPress theme for a sniper site and a list of recommended plugins.

An affiliate marketer’s job is basically to pre-sell the prospect and Google Sniper 2.0 covers this extensively.  There are examples given for various niches and George covers the importance of injecting personality into review pages and telling a compelling story to pre-sell the reader on the product. He explains what tone and length a blog post should have according to the type of niche or product that’s being promoted, as well as the importance of matching the WordPress theme with the niche or product.

The biggest addition to the course is a video series called “The Empire Module” (also referred to on-screen as the Sniper Outsourcing Blueprint), which consists of seven videos teaching you how to outsource the entire process of building sniper sites.  George starts by recommending the two websites that he uses to find workers and then shows how he finds skilled workers by either browsing through profiles or posting jobs.  The other videos show how to conduct interviews with applicants, negotiate rates, and train workers in each aspect of the Google Sniper 2.0 system.  George even recommends which tasks should not be trusted to an outsourced worker in order to protect your business.

The 7th and final video in The Empire Module is listed as a bonus and it goes over additional ways to monetize the traffic from your sniper sites, like building email lists to promote other products related to a niche, promoting CPA offers, exploring other affiliate networks besides Clickbank and promoting physical goods.  This video is very basic and quick, but inexperienced marketers may find it useful.

Overall, Google Sniper 2.0 is a very strong course that improves on the original thanks to the new video module on outsourcing.  People wishing for a hands-off method to make money completely on autopilot will be disappointed because there is definitely up-front work required, even if the bulk of the work is outsourced.  However, compared to most other systems for earning affiliate commissions online, Google Sniper can teach marketers how to establish relatively passive income streams with sniper sites and the earning potential is limited only to the number of sniper sites you build.

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