How to Make Money Online as a College Student

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Have you ever wanted to make money online as a college student?  I bet you have.  After all, any college student can find ways to put an extra hundred bucks or more to good use!  Maybe you heard someone talking about how to make money blogging or building websites online, and that sounded like an exciting idea to try out.  We’ll talk about some ways you can earn money in your spare time even while you’re at college.

Try Freelancing

You could hire out your services and get paid.  Let’s say you are good at writing articles or short reports.  You could become a freelance writer.  Or if you have a good camera and are reasonably proficient at photography, you could snap pictures and sell them as stock photos.

Be An Apprentice

Many successful online entrepreneurs run a tight ship.  They have many tasks to get done, but rarely have full-time employees to handle them.  If you volunteer to be an intern or apprentice and tackle some of these chores, they will be delighted to not only pay you some money, but may also teach you how their business works.

Sell At Auctions

By visiting yard sales, or even rummaging through your friends’ rooms for stuff they no longer need, you may find many items which can be sold profitably at online auction websites like

Tutor Students

If you are good at a particular subject like Math, Science or English, you could set up your own tutoring service and charge for teaching students.  Your lessons can be delivered by email, published as private web pages, or even conducted in online chat rooms.


How to make money online with a free Blogger blog?  Many college students are using models like cost-per-action (CPA) and affiliate marketing to make a small fortune from blogging.  By publishing content that is of interest to their audience and displaying ads for related products, you can get paid for every sale you refer from your blog.

There are many ways to make money online as a college student.  So go out and try some of them yourself!
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