How To Make Money Online With a Powerful Blogging Strategy

| February 8, 2011 | 2 Comments

If you are blogging to make money online, you must take the time to understand your audience.  You must research their needs and wants, figure out their ambitions and dreams, tap into their hopes and desires and deliver precisely what they are seeking so desperately.  When you crack the code to doing this, you will turn your blog into a powerful and profitable machine (Hallelujah, praise the lord)!

It all begins with studying patterns.  More specifically, it involves keyword research.  There are many different tools and services that allow you to analyze the kinds of words and phrases a person types into search engines to find solutions to their problems (solve them!) .  The Google External Keyword Tool and are both popular among niche research specialists.  Each expert has a preferred approach to effective keyword research.  But all methods begin with a word or phrase of broad interest (called the ‘root keyword’) from which they dig deeper to unearth related keywords which extend to other areas of interest to their ideal prospects.

Keywords do so much more than merely point to what searchers type into Google.  They provide deep insight into the way your best prospects think.  What is in their mind when they go hunting for a solution?  What desire or pain drives them to seek out your blog?  What dreams and aspirations motivate them to surf the Web for information?  The clues lie in the keywords they use to search.  And your role as a “keyword detective” is to make this information relevant to your own blogging.

To take advantage of keyword research you must also use your imagination.  “Google Insights for Search“, “Google Trends” and the fascinating “Google Wonder Wheel” all throw up interesting suggestions.  But you still have to pull together that mass of keywords into themes and patterns, and figure out how to translate this data into creating more effective blog posts that draw your audience in and provide them with value.

Let’s take the keyword “Nike SC2010 trainer reviews” and analyze it further.  The simple search phrase reveals a lot of information.  The most obvious fact is that the searcher is interested in exercise or is training for an event, and is looking for Nike shoes.  However, the subtle message that’s also being conveyed is that the searcher is a person who cares about health and fitness, is brand-conscious and does not mind spending money on high quality products, and is probably rich enough to afford expensive shoes but will research things carefully before spending money.

All of this information allows you to build a more detailed and accurate profile of your prospective readers.  This will permit you to tailor and structure the content and design of your blog to be more attractive to your visitors, hooking them in and keeping them interested long enough for them to be profitable to your business.

Too many bloggers and business owners go about this process the wrong way.  They build a blog or website around the products or services that they have available for sale, and then hope to interest the casual visitor in buying them.  By taking the strategic approach to blogging that begins by understanding your prospect’s mind better, you will find yourself able to magically generate sales without even trying to sell!

By taking care to track and analyze the path visitors take through your blog, studying which articles they read, and how much time they spend on your site, you can refine and enhance this process to make reading your blog an enjoyable experience.  All the data you need to do this is readily available with tools such as Google Analytics.  What ties it all together is a blog marketing strategy that will help you make money online.

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  1. K Mec says:

    Your tips are worth $47 product which I purchased recently. Great tips.

  2. Terrel Smith says:

    Write for a particular niche, that way you know you have a captured audience one way or the other. And remember always the 5 P’s: proper planning prevents poor performance. :)

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