How to Make Money Online with Google Ads Using AdWords and Adsense.

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The Many Ways of Making Money Online!

Over the past few years there has been a constant buzz of how you could use the internet to make money.

Unfortunately though there are not many of us who really know how to make money online the right way. Although there are several ideas, formulas and websites dedicated to online money making, not all of them are trustworthy and only a few of them have had tremendous success rate.

Not forgetting the fact that although there are several online money making opportunities that promise you will earn millions, it is best that you are wary of these websites. Let’s face it, the online world can be like walking through a treturous forest, and most online opportunities that promise you bags full of money are not genuine.

So how does a beginner looking to make good use of the internet to earn a good sum of money really follow the right direction?

Greed should not be your driving force, instead look at earning a stable online career and this will be your direction on how to make money online. The safest idea is to make sure you associate yourself with the best online money making machine there is and what better way than to rely on, considered being one of the most popular grading websites on the internet. This should make everyone’s job easier, especially those looking at how to make money online.

Now rates Google as one of the most popular search engine, in fact they are giants in this particular type of business. With a simple website like Google earning $25,000,000,000 on a yearly basis, yes that is a whopping $25 Billion dollars…it goes to show that Google also gives ample opportunity to those wanting to make money sitting on their own chair at home!

It does seem pretty vague at how a business like Google would give mere stay-at-homer’s or those looking for a way to cash in on the internet money making rush a viable opportunity that is beneficial. However, we would suggest that you first look at their annual earnings, it’s HUGE, and this alone gives you the idea that there is ample for everyone wanting to earn a slice of it!

How to make money online with Google

Not many people really understand the basic concept of how you could make some money online by simply using Google. Here is a basic rundown of how Google earns, in turn letting online money making hopefuls earn. It is definitely an awesome concept, since this is all advertising money that Google earns and pays you.The model is simple, since there are billions and billions of people who use Google every month, advertising on Google makes perfect sense! It allows businesses and people to create a face allowing these billions of users to understand that they are existent.

With thousands of people from all over the world using Google, these businesses earn a huge list of potential customers, which can eventually be tuned into money! So if you have heard or read from an online website that Google lets you earn money just sitting on your chair, they were not lying!This is called the Google Adsense program, while Google AdWords is just another way that Google allows you to earn money online.

AdWords is what lets businesses earn money again by simply advertising their products or services on offer. Basically it is in conjunction with the Adsense concept, ultimately falling under the huge umbrella of Google Advertising. Understanding these two programs on how to make money with Google AdWords and how to make money with Google Adsense will eventually allow you to know how to make money online. Although it does sound like a jamboree of concepts, ideas and work, it really isn’t so. Understanding the core of how this business works is important, of course you need to work towards earning every penny. Just signing up does not earn you the moolah.

Make money with Google Adsense

Firstly, those looking to earn money online need to understand that making online money with Google Adsense is perfectly legitimate. In 2011 Google made a whooping $2.34 billion which was almost 28% of their income through the Adsense program alone. There is nothing complicated about Google Adsense, in fact the easiest way to understand is that you earn per clicks on advertisements placed on your website or blogs. Its sounds a simple enough way to earn money online.Adsense works in a very contextual manner, for e.g. if you have a business website that is based on boating, Google places ads of relevant similar topics on your website also depending on the information you give while signing up for Google Adsense, you get advertisements pertaining to the your area. For e.g. if your business is based in Australia, the ads that Google places on your website will be pertinent to Australian buyers.

This allows you to make money with Google Adsense easier, since the ads placed on your website are now much relevant to Australian buyers and those looking for similar products and services as per your business website. With this fool proof process you can make money with Google Adsense since the number of visitors to your website will definitely find the ads attractive, making it a lucrative business for you.

However you do need to put in a bit of effort to ensure that your website is regularly updated, with quality content and images and especially with keywords that allows your website a good rank on Google search engine.This is essential since it reflects the number of visitors to your website and the number of click throughs.

With every click a visitor makes on the ads placed in your website Google gives you a certain percentage of the money it makes. To make money with Google Adsense all you have to do is start a website, register for Google Adsense, after which Google places relevant ads on your website. The earnings per click varies, however it is generally between $0.10 to $1.00. Your job to make money with Google Adsense is to make sure that you pull in enough traffic by ensuring your website earns a good rank on, since this could draw in 5% of your visitors.

How to make money with Google AdWords

It is possible to make money with Google AdWords. Here is a brief introduction that will answer your question on how to make money online with Google AdWords. As mentioned earlier Google AdWords is just a conjuncture of Google Adsense. A simple understanding of how to make money with Google AdWords is that it works largely on the principle of affiliate marketing. To make money with Google AdWords you do not have to own a website, instead become an affiliate, let’s understand this with an easy example. Let’s say you want to sell clothes but don’t own a website. In an ideal situation this would mean that you could never make money through an online business at all. Wrong, in fact you can advertise your business through a similar clothes business website.

After you’ve looked for an appropriate online company, you look at what’s on offer for e.g. a 10% commission for every sale you make. Once you’ve made up your mind, you set up an account (affiliate) with them, they in return give you a web address (URL). This URL or link lets the business company know that it was your Google AdWords that got in a sale. You in turn make use of that URL in your advertisements and with every sale earn a decent payout. Once you get your first step done, your next strategy would be to place an advertisement on Google.

When a visitor clicks on your advertisement they are redirected directly to the business website and if they happen to buy any product from the website you earn a direct commission from the company website. The process of how to make money with Google AdWords does sound simple; however the key is to ensure that you work towards making these AdWords work for you, which in turn will get you your money.

Most successful earners who have learned to make money with Google AdWords would advise that in order for your advertisement to be seen and clicked on by visitors you need to use a huge list of rich and relevant keywords. This will help your advertisement earn a good viewership base, which is what you’re earning potential needs. Your major concern with this program on how to make money online with Google AdWords is picking up a genuine affiliate marketing program that has enough of viable options, products and services to help you market and earn money with.

Your next step that will help you earn money with Google AdWords is by registering with them. If you don’t want to own a landing page website you could easily opt for a good, easy to use and free blogging website. This is where you will place content and links to your affiliate links, so that visitors can click on it and help you earn your commission. Make sure that your blog is well maintained and contains relevant and up-to-date content.


The process of how to make money online with Google AdWords and Adsense does sound simple enough, however it does require a bit of effort and work. Overall though, the process is simple, fun and easy. With easy processes bought to you by Google itself you no longer have to worry about how to make money online.

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