Importance of SEO: A New Reality, the Picture!

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“If you were rich, able to buy anything you wanted from stores, buying the signature cars, treating your loved one to expensive jewelry and dinners constantly …  “ A picture like that may not be what comes out of your SEO copy, but a picture it is.  If you’re confused, a picture is one of the hallmarks of creative business copywriting, and incredibly important to any piece of SEO copy. SEO copy is different because you often have less time to grab reader’s attention. The advantage is  your audience is often doubled if not tripled in comparison to a direct mail letter.But the point in that beginning sentence was to show the “new reality.” Who doesn’t want to be richer? It’s one of the classics on selling just about anything, and this guide shows you how important it is first. We then go over how to implement a new reality into your SEO campaign.

SEO Campaigns Are What?

SEO campaigns are businesses going online, using powerful search engines and unique keywords to bring not only readers, but buyers. You need to “convert” someone in the online world, and the SEO gets them to your  pages. SEO-search engine optimized, is how the online world has been shaped over the past years. Businesses that go online with no SEO understanding, and don’t adapt, often fail.

Go Where the Online Money Is:

Next, SEO is important in not only converting the buyers, but continuously bringing in new ones and getting ranked higher and higher on search engines like Google. You can use SEO to implement a passive income campaign as well. Where does the picture come in? Whatever you’re selling, you need  a clear benefit for your buyer. You sometimes need to make their dreams come true.

Creating SEO Copy Pictures:

The first sentence showed perhaps the most prolific way SEO campaigns try to make money. They make buyers money! It sounds so simple, but it’s an essential part of business in the online world. Whether you’re offering a new domain name service, hosting sites, or simply selling eBooks to make money online, you’re going to be offering a crucial new reality to the buyer.

A New Reality:

You need to place buyers in a place beneficial to them. Any form of business sales is about benefits: how you help the buyer get something better. In your picture, save them money, save them time, or make them money. It sound simple, but it’s been working since business has been around.

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