Importance of the SEO: Keys to Showing Proof

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Typically creative businesses go from a promise to a proof that this is a the  “real deal.” For instance, you say, “I will give you half commissions for the sale.” That works as the promise. The proof is just as essential. What is proof? Where does all this come in? and how does that apply to the SEO campaign? Let’s find out.

Business SEO Sales Creation

We are talking about SEO sales creation, but the hallmarks of business writing apply to all fields, from the email campaign to the direct mail campaign. There are some differences in the online world; there are countless ways to scam people out of money online. It’s the same when you get a letter offering you $10,000, but we see it on a daily basis with SEO campaigns offering to save you thousands or make you a milliioanire. Business SEO sales creation is more than the big promise saying how much this will benefit the buyer. It’s also about giving clear proof.

Proof Is …

Proof in business SEO sales is best defined as evidence, showing why you can be trusted. You do that in a variety of ways, but one of the best available is a simple customer testimonial. Yes, a living breathing customer who fills out a letter or gives you a quote online. It’s actually not easy to get customer testimonials, but they are the best proof available.

Other Ways:

There are of course many other ways to show proof. If you are selling a health drink online, and you’re using an SEO/email marketing campaign to get noticed, you need to show proof quickly, sometimes even in the ad itself. “Researchers say this health drinks boosts immunities,” is a simple way of describing the second best way to show proof. You quote research from major companies, usually specifically. In the health field, it’s a must. In more business-to-business fields, showing you have an understanding of the market is important and valuable; you can’t say the online world is worth 1 trillion dollars without backing it up.

In SEO Creation:

Proof works with SEO copy naturally. Whatever you’re selling proof is quite important, but so is going online in the first place. It means the possibility for a breakout online creative business. Some of  the best SEO writers pen landing pages that go directly from promise to proof, and then go through the hallmarks of creative business sales. After proof, comes the big “Picture,” offering buyers a new reality. But some use the picture first or second. In creative business, you must at least use them, and having the promise in the beginning helps.

Having a clear element of proof is one of the most powerful elements you can use in the online business world; it means more profit.

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