Is Viral Marketing Important for the Success of Your Business?

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Viral marketing or the advertising of a company by word of mouth is one of the most essential ingredients of a successful business. It is an effective strategy that can be used to spread the name of a business more quickly than any other. Not only can viral marketing get the name of a company out into the public domain quickly, but it can also be used to promote current and upcoming events, products, services, and more.

When a marketing message goes viral, it places a business on the edge of success. There are only two factors preventing the business from succeeding at this point. The first is whether or not the message is a positive one, encouraging the growth of the business brand. The second factor is the state of readiness the business has achieved with this particular stage of its success. Obviously, if the message is negative or the company isn’t poised to move forward, success will be out of reach.

Today, if a business isn’t succeeding, it might just be because it hasn’t yet tapped into this extremely profitable method of virtually free advertising. Viral marketing can boost a business from one level of success to the next in a short time, simply because of the dynamics that keep it going.

How Does Viral Marketing Work?

Viral-marketing ploys often spread advertising like wildfire with a quick pace and a far-reaching grasp. Successful businesses thrive on this type of marketing technique since it is fast, painless, and inexpensive. In essence, viral advertising uses people to spread the news one individual at a time or in some cases, one group at a time.

Rather than having the company’s message conveyed by the company’s handlers, the message is relayed as a direct result of the services, practices, or products handled by the company. Today’s consumers are the ones who spread the message.

Potential customers no longer want to hear from the company. Instead, they want to get their information from current or past customers who have actually used the products and services offered by the company. They want the truth and the truth is exactly what they are going to get thanks to social networking sites and the accessibility of the Internet.

This process has been facilitated by such social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, which have wide-ranging audiences and 24/7 access. Unlike the days of yesteryear, viral marketing is poised to occur even more rapidly, effortlessly, and with a wider audience than ever before.

Viral marketing is like an endless chain of comments that go round and round, never failing to spiral upward and outward reaching an even greater number of potential customers or clients. Once you start the first domino in the chain, the rest continue to follow dropping in line one domino at a time. Each new comment is triggered by the one that occurred before it, maintaining a constant flow of information related to a specific service, product, or business.

While the transmission of a marketing message can easily be accomplished by traditional methods such as radio and TV commercials, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and snail-mail mailings, viral marketing is typically less expensive and more effective. Viral marketing tends to be a more effective method of transmitting a company’s message and growing the brand since today’s consumers are technologically inclined. Plus, they want to hear from real people and not just some copywriter who is employed by the company to write a cute little jingle about yet another semi-useless product.

Today’s customers often want to get a recommendation for a product before they purchase it. Therefore, they often send out a tweet asking their Twitterbase for recommendations about a specific type of product or service, brand or business name, and more. The guesswork is often taken care of, before the potential customers even show up at the store, be it a brick-and-mortar type of store or an online one.

Are You Ready for Web 3.0?

Businesses that aren’t yet ready for the technology of Web 3.0 are going to be at a real disadvantage as they begin to play the viral marketing card. Today’s consumers are no longer letting their fingers do the walking through the yellow pages. Instead, they are reaching out to their base of friends and family online in order to tap into real opinions about the best place to pick up electronics, the finest restaurant to dine at, or the best entertainment complex or bar. When friends and family aren’t available, tapping into web sites that feature customer comments or complaints is the next best thing.

If your business isn’t prepared to feature an outlet for your customers, then your company isn’t poised to grow successfully. It is important to be fully Web 2.0 capable while setting up to be Web 3.0 accessible. The major portion of growth often occurs before your customer even shows up at your doorstep, virtual or otherwise. Getting them to that doorstep is the clearest sign of the potential for success. This is where viral marketing plays a strong part. If you can encourage your customers to come visit a while thanks to the wonderful comments made by previous customers, you are more than half way to success.

Encourage growth by fostering good customer relationships. Foster success by developing Web 3.0 capabilities, customer resource pages, and a strong online presence at every possible angle. Tap into one of the least expensive methods of advertising without using a large portion of your resources, human or otherwise.

Mobile devices and 24/7 Internet accessibility have made it possible to foster growth even in a down economy. This potential for widespread influence via inexpensive methods is an opportunity that can quickly turn around your company’s circumstances. Promoting viral marketing as a means of promoting your company’s brand is as simple as providing excellent service and products as well as a means to express comments in on open or public forum.

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