Local Mobile Monopoly – How To Make Money By Sending Text Messages on Cellphones

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If you’re a student, blogger, social networking fan, or even a work at home parent with a big network of friends who are cellphone users like you, then you can make money just by sending them text messages.

Surely you’ve noticed how popular cellphones have become of late. And the new ‘smart phone’ revolution, kicked off with the launch of Apple’s iPhone, has caught fire with the release of amazingly powerful models from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and recently Google.

Increasingly, the younger generation relies on their mobile devices for catching up with news, networking with friends, arranging appointments and meetings, even ordering stuff on the Internet. At the heart of this is a powerful communication medium called ‘text messaging’ or SMS.

Did you know that while 23% of emails are opened in the first hour of their receipt, a staggering 97% of text messages are viewed within the first MINUTE of their hitting a cellphone? That’s what makes text messaging so powerful. And smart early adopters of an interesting and exciting new model are raking in cash by using text messaging intelligently.

Local Mobile Monopoly is one of the very first programs that teach this model. The opportunity lies in the red hot local market that is eager to tap into the power of mobile marketing. And you, like anyone else, can step in front of this eager crowd and provide them with solutions that they are eagerly seeking – and happily willing to pay for.

At the heart of the Local Mobile Monopoly system is a text messaging service called YepText. If you have heard about email auto-responders, you’ll understand what YepText offers to mobile users. Both are technologies that permit messages to be pre-scheduled to go out at regular intervals to recipients. The magic lies in the right kind of message hitting the ideal audience at an appropriate time to convince them to take action. That’s what local businesses desire.

With the Local Mobile Monopoly system, anyone (including college students, social bloggers and people like you who have friends who use mobile phones) can quickly and easily earn a good income. There are two broad ways to do this.

One is to become a mobile service provider, set up your own virtual business card (that is displayed right on your cellphone), and sell services via text messaging to an audience who signs up to receive your notes.

The other method is to become a mobile affiliate and refer local business owners, or even friends and family, to use these exciting and novel mobile services. Once you have set up your customized ‘short code’, you simply send out text messages including that code – and whenever someone acts on your recommendation and tries out the service, you earn a referral commission.

It really is magical how Local Mobile Monopoly teaches a system where you send text messages and get paid. It is not very complex or confusing, and you do not require a website, any software and scripts, or even expert knowledge. You don’t even need a ‘smart phone’ (any ordinary cellphone will do), and you can even run this system on a computer!

Local Mobile Monopoly includes 50 video tutorials that clearly and concisely explain the process of setting yourself up as a mobile agent or affiliate. Once you’ve studied the material, and set up your YepText account, all it takes is a few minutes every day to send out text messages and make money from it. You can learn more about Local Mobile Monopoly and sign up to study the system at this link.

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