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Making money online from day one is hard, however, earning blogging cash on day 30 is a distinct possibility. This is because you have the chance to gain repeat visitors. It’s simple: the more repeat visitors you get the higher your income in this online career will be. This guide provides the path toward the riches of the blogging world, focusing on earning an income from day 30 onward.

Use a Google or Other Counter:

There are countless free services out there to check and see what pages are popular. What you want to know is which posts you are getting the most hits on. Maybe you have a jewelry blog, and a certain bestselling brand gets almost half of your site’s visitors. That means you want to cash in on this, writing as many posts as possible. This is the perfect step toward blogging cash and a blogging career. All you need to do is sign up for Google or another free counter service. Just make sure they have a page by page breakdown, which sites like and have.

Don’t cash in too early:

Paid posting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. However, you don’t want to fill your blog with ads, especially in the beginning. You want readers to keep coming back. If they see ten new paid ads on your blog and little new content, you lose more than you gain. Use a strategy of never having more than a third of your posts as ads or paid posts. You will be making more money online if you do.

Show Emails:

I will show you how to be more personable very soon. But first you must see this blog as something with you tied directly to it. After all, you’re the one who will make it a success. Even if you don’t write the articles, you will be choosing what to post. Showing your email address shows a more personable way to blog. Be careful not to place the complete email—instead use Writer AT BestBlog101 Dot Com. That may be obvious, but it’s important, lest you get loads of junk email.

The main point here is, when you show your email, you offer the reader a good chance to encourage or perhaps tell you a topic he/she wants covered. It happens to most bloggers who offer an email.

Ask for Emails:

Ask for your readers to send you emails in as many posts as possible. This gets them involved, and it can be encouraging for you. Maybe your blog is getting barely any hits, and you decide to start asking for reader articles on topics they want. Presto, you get writers interested in your blog and more interesting topics.

Be Personable:

Don’t always treat this like a business of only making money online. Yes, you do want the online career, but you can make due in the beginning as long as you have readers. In many fields, using “I” is a negative, but with a blog you are showing them how it works. “I built the house in 10 days and saved on contractors.” That brings you into the story, which in affect, allows your readers to look at the blog as someplace to visit again and again. It also leads into using personal experience.

Using Personal Experience:

Personal experience articles are perhaps the best kind of posts you will write. You can write an infinite number and, in my experience, they will keep coming back for more. It can be anything: how you bought a diamond worth $1,000 retail at a garage sale; how you defeated breast cancer by chewing on rare herbs; or even how you found your faith through a trying time with addiction. Remember: this is a personal place in the beginning and the end. Once you figure that out, repeat visitors will be coming in by the thousands.

You can’t write only personal experience articles, but even bringing in your experience occasionally can help readers relate to you. When they relate to you, it equals blogging success and blogging cash.

Keeping Readers—the Endgame:

Following this guide, you are very close to getting return visitors. Treat this like a personal domain where you can be as creative as you want; most people like a touch of creativity on any day. By keeping readers, your blog will be making you money online. In the beginning stages, focus on gaining readers for one blog. Then, to really make the blogging cash, create new blogs and start the process over again. The difference? The readers from your original blog will come searching for more of your stories. It’s a fast way to make this online career successful.

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