Make Money Online By Blogging About Your Neighborhood

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For many people who want to make money online and choose blogging as their approach, the biggest challenge is finding a topic to blog about.  A quick survey of existing blogs seems to suggest that anything worth writing about is already covered.  But one simple idea that is often overlooked is to blog about your neighborhood.  It can be very lucrative and open up many income streams.  Let’s talk about some of them in this article.

Advertisements from local businesses is one of the surefire sources of income from blogging about a particular city or even smaller location.  If the area you live in has a local newspaper, take a look at it.  You will see many different kinds of local businesses running advertisements in it.  The reason so many people are willing to advertise in a magazine or newspaper that may have very limited readership and reach is because it is seen by their ideal prospects who live in the area.

By publishing a blog that focuses exclusively on news and opinions that are relevant to a smaller but geographically constrained group, you will be building an asset that is of enormous value to a business that is targeting that specific audience for their products or services.  If you keep your advertising rates reasonably low, you will quickly be flooded with offers to display ads on your blog, and that will soon help you to make money online.

Another source of money from a neighborhood blog is the audience itself.  If people like the content you are sharing on your blog, and especially if you have access to some unique content that is in demand but not easily available, then you will be able to charge readers to have access to it.  If you plan to do this, make sure your private content delivers a tangible benefit to members.  For example, if you can negotiate exclusive discounts at a restaurant or retail store in your neighborhood only for your private members, then you can justifiably charge them a fee to take advantage of this deal while at the same time helping to save them money on eating out.

A third approach to make money online from a neighborhood news blog is one that will not appeal to many bloggers but is very effective nonetheless.  You could ask your blog visitors to donate money to keep your blog going.  If you are delivering value to them through your blog, and they want to see you continue publishing it, many readers will willingly donate a few dollars from time to time.  With a sizable audience, this can quickly add up to become a full-blown income.

If your neighborhood blog is published with separate sections catering to specific demographics, such as shopping, entertainment or real estate, then you may be able to find a sponsor for that section who will pay you a considerable amount of money in return for being visible to your audience.  In exchange you would prominently display the sponsor’s ads on that section of your blog, or even publish some editorial content about their business.  As long as you do it with ethical considerations any good journalist would follow, you will be creating a deal that both sides can benefit from.

These are just a few ways in which you can make money online from blogging about your neighborhood. There are other methods to implement such as selling products or services right on the blog, running a directory of members or businesses in the region, offering classified ads and personal ad slots to readers and more.  So get busy looking around as you walk about your neighborhood, and then launch your own neighborhood blog soon.

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