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Reviewing products and services on your blog can be a stable and growing source of income for many bloggers. There are some simple rules and guidelines to keep in mind while blogging product reviews. As long as your reviews are fair, honest and designed to help your audience make a buying decision, you will be able to make money online easily. In this article, we will explore the different ways to profit from publishing reviews on your blog.

You can make money online from blogging about a variety of things.  Travel blogging and business blogging are obvious examples that many people have heard about from newspaper stories or personal anecdotes.  But there are many others that may not be apparent, yet remain very viable and profitable sources of online income.  One of them is blogging about products and services or publishing full-fledged reviews on your blog.

Blogging about products and services is simple and effective.  This is especially true if you are going to blog from your own personal experiences with specific products.  Telling the story of what happened when you bought a new broadband Internet connection, or installed a new software program, or purchased a plasma TV set, can instantly engage your blog visitors and establish rapport.  This will soon translate into sales and profit.

When you write or record a review for your blog readers, remember that you are in the role of an adviser or guide who is directing prospects towards something that will improve their lives.  Your review should clearly explain why and how this will happen and share the reasons and factors upon which your opinion is based.  After reading your review, a visitor to your blog should have enough information to be able to make a buying decision.  And that is where you stand to make money online from blogging reviews.  By displaying an affiliate link or banner advertisement that will reward you for sales that you refer to a merchant, you can profit from the decision that you guided a prospect to make.

There are some things to be cautious about if you plan to make money online blogging about products and services.  The most important one is to comply with legislation and rules governing product reviews.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently clamped down on unethical touts who were posting misleading opinions and reviews on blogs in order to generate quick sales of mediocre products.  The led to a backlash of complaints, forcing the organization to impose some stringent rules upon reviews posted on blogs.  Be sure to read and understand the laws that apply to your blog before publishing reviews.

Another good practice when you are writing reviews for products and services on your blog is to disclose any affiliations you may have with the product manufacturer or vendor.  If you are getting paid a percentage on any sales you refer through your review, make that information clear on your blog.  You don’t have to worry about it scaring away any potential buyers.  In fact, you may discover that such disclosure increases your sales as blog readers trust you more for being transparent and honest.

Which brings us to the next important point about writing reviews – being truthful and fair.  Do not misrepresent the product or service that you are reviewing.  While hyperbole and superlatives in your description may encourage more people to try out a product, if their purchase does not live up to the promise they will never buy from your recommendation or trust you again.  You will lose the respect and attention of your audience, and this will cost you dearly in the long run.  Being fair and ethical in your reviews will steadily build trust in your audience.  Within a short time, you may find that readers will seek your guidance in making purchases of even products you have not yet reviewed on your blog!

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  1. Terrel Smith says:

    Blogging about products you actually use is another good way of making money online! First is that you get to enjoy the product and tell other people the “good” news. I have heard of companies asking people to rate their products and do blogs about them. This is not only in North America but in European and some Asian countries as well.

    But we have to remember to be always fair in rating or commenting on products. It doesn’t mean that when we enjoy one product and we get to try other products, especially the competition, we would downgrade them immediately. We have to give a balanced review always. This makes you a credible source. And being credible, people will seek your advise. And companies will be more than willing to pay you for your comments. Another excellent post, Trond!

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