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The World Wide Web has rapidly evolved to becoming a global marketplace.  And while the sale of physical and intangible goods that make up e-commerce is more apparent, there’s a thriving business around delivering services too.  It is not as clearly understood or appreciated by many, but there are thousands of people who make money online from providing some kind of service.

The kind of services that are delivered online include simple and unskilled tasks that are outsourced on’s Mechanical Turk or the new and popular website, for a few dollars or cents.  And at the same time, there are highly specialized and technically challenging service needs that are being fulfilled at far higher profits by those who are aware of the opportunity and smart enough to grab it.  You could be doing this too.

Before hanging out your shingle on the Web as a service provider, you would do well to first think about your skills and see how they tie in to existing demand.  For instance, if you are a good writer and can churn out top quality articles that are free of errors in grammar or spelling, you will quickly discover that there are eager webmasters and content marketers who want to hire you as a freelance writer for their business.

And to make sure you are maximizing the chance to make money online, you must position yourself correctly.  If your skills and experience qualify you to do the kind of things not many others will be able to, then you are justified in charging a lot of money for your services.  The more exclusive or challenging the services you provide, the higher the pricing you can command for them.  The key to how valuable your prospective client will perceive you depends on your positioning.

Whenever you tie in the services you offer to your education, work, knowledge and passions, you will position yourself higher up the food chain.  To go back to the example of writing articles, you can create a brand as a premium provider of quality content by stating what makes your work so special.  Do you regularly contribute to upscale publications or websites?  Are you a syndicated columnist or reputed journalist?  Are you highly qualified with degrees and diplomas in the areas of your specialization?  Have you attended courses or classes on professional writing?  Did you win any awards for writing?  All of these things can position you differently from another person who is stringing words together.  That is the difference between writing an article and being paid $50 versus $5 for the same 300 word piece.

The scope of activities and services where you can make money online by becoming a provider is vast and growing steadily.  If you are stuck for ideas, one great way to find them is to browse around discussion groups or online forums on the topic you are interested.  You will find that people are asking questions or posting requests for the same kind of things, giving you ways to deliver a service and make money from it.  For example, on a search engine optimization forum you may see people asking about building back links to their websites, or on a business forum you may find webmasters asking about directory submission services.  These are just two examples.  There are countless opportunities if you start hunting for them.

Make Money Online Writing

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  1. Terrel Smith says:

    Being a content writer entails that one has to be knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Being knowledgeable doesn’t mean that you have to be the absolute expert at this. If you don’t know much about the topic at hand, there are lots of information on the internet about practically any subject. You just have to discern the reliable and credible information from the myths! And don’t forget to give credit to your sources. Happy writing guys!

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