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It is easy to make money online if you know how to blog and are ready to teach blogging to others.  With literally millions of people blogging already, it might seem that this approach is saturated and difficult to profit from.  But there are very few experienced bloggers teaching others how to blog.  If you can do it well, then you will be very successful.

It’s true that blogging has become easy.  In the early days of blogging, one had to install complex software on a web hosting server, go through many technical steps to customize the blog, and then publish posts by going through a cumbersome sequence of steps.  Over years this has been simplified and streamlined.  Today blogging has become ‘point-and-click’ easy to the point that anyone can do it without much difficulty.

But as a blogging coach, you will not just be showing people how to publish a blog post.  You will be teaching them how to do it right.  The truth is that with so many other blogs competing for your audience’s attention, only the very best will stand out and be seen.  The rest will not receive many visitors even if they publish outstanding content.  The key to publishing a successful blog lies in doing some critical things differently.  And if you know what they are, you can teach them to bloggers and make money online.

It does not have to be complex and confusing.  For example, take some simple ideas.  Many bloggers host their blogs on services like or and do not know that it is possible to have a domain name of their own which can be redirected to their hosted blogs.  By showing them how they can build their brand as a blogger by just having a unique domain name for their blog, you will be adding value to their activities as a blogger.

Or take the case of choosing the right title for a blog.  When everything else is equal, the blog with a title that is catchy, memorable and grabs attention will have more readers visiting it.  That kind of blog stands out from the crowd and screams “Notice Me”.  And when the blog’s title includes keywords that are specific to the niche of the blogger’s interest, the chances are that it will get ranked higher on search engines, attracting even more visitors to the blog.

Beginners to blogging also underestimate the value of good blog design.  A blog is often judged on its appearance.  Having a customized theme, a neat logo and an attractive blog layout can add value to a blog and help build a loyal audience.  Inexperienced bloggers are not aware of many of these things.  Even when they know about their importance, they are not sure how to go about implementing these features in their blogs.

Your role as a blogging coach can be to teach them about these issues, and show them the best way to get it done.  You can even tell them about the best frequency to publish fresh content, the most effective plug-ins and scripts to use to build readership, the most profitable ways to promote their blog and other similar things.  This is a simple way to make money online by teaching blogging.  And the good news is that there are very few people doing this, which leaves you with very little competition.

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