Sunday Blogger: Planning A Blogging Week

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It doesn’t have to be Sunday, but what other day to choose than the one you aren’t supposed to work? That’s right: bloggers looking to make money online typically, at least in the beginning, work weekends to earn blogging cash. It’s about earning in the end. Again, it doesn’t have to be Sunday, but having a planning day for a blog leads to success—and success leads to pay. Let’s see if we can work out an entire blogging week.

Looking to Readers:

Your first responsibility is to your readers. Now, as will be laid out in the final step, you don’t have to write anything on Sunday, but you do need to plan the week out. It usually takes 1-3 hours, depending on how many blogs you have. Look to your readers first, as they’re how you earn blogging cash. If you get emails asking for a certain topic, explore it, and see if it’s popular. If one blog is failing and another succeeding, plan a week to rework the failed one using the principles of the successful blog.

Priority List:

This is perhaps the most important step. You can put together a priority list on a computer (easy) or even on paper (less easy, but still works). This means you write down all the articles you want to post for the week. Certain articles will appeal to you; and certain articles will appeal to readers. Think in terms of money: blogging cash comes when you focus on the high keyword/keyword phrase posts. A personal experience article on faith may not be as popular as one that involves a major religious leader. It depends. This will come in time. Your priority list is like checking boxes off, putting the articles with more income possibilities first, then the ones you think might work under it (if you have time), and then going downwards into the articles you are still forming in your head.

Paid Blogging Opportunities—When and Where:

Much of your income may come from paid blogging opportunities. It’s good to fit your posts in with your paid blog posts. However, often you won’t even know how many paid posts you have. You can develop an average for the week, or a goal of how many you want to post. You don’t want to have five paid posts in a row; you always need to keep your readers in mind.

Making Money Online — The Search:

Sunday is also the perfect day to search for new paid blogging opportunities. Maybe one site isn’t giving you much blogging cash, so you take an hour or two combing the net for newer sites (which rise up every week) where you can do paid posting. It’s the perfect way to make money online.

Finish Strong, Take the Weekend Off:

Still, this is Sunday. Try to take at least a few days off from writing and posting. A “Sunday Plan” shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two, and you won’t have to search for new blogging opportunities every week (maybe twice a month). So take Sunday off after this brainstorming session. You will be ready on Monday to make money online.

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