The Importance of List Building

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Collecting email addresses has evolved over the past years to a point of sheer volume of potential buyers. More and more people are going online with money to spend, sometimes hoping to make money, sometimes looking for free items, but not always looking to read emails from businesses they know nothing about.
That’s both the advantage and the problem. You can’t just decide one day, I will collect 1,000 emails in two weeks, and make it happen. Perhaps years ago you had a good shot, and today you do too, but the best means of collecting emails is a two pronged approach.

First, why is email marketing still so important? Second, why does your online business need to add potential customer’ emails to a mailing list?

Why is Email Marketing Important?

  1. Winning the Email Lottery
    First off, email list building is about money. The  main advantage of emailing potential customers is it has both short and long term affects. You might make $1,000 today off one sale or 100, or you might make $10,000 one month later when everyone has read your email. This isn’t fantasy; email marketing is a proven way to make money.

  2. Why It’s Important
    You stand out from companies focusing solely on print or PPC marketing when you choose to add new client emails. Surprisingly, many companies, some small and some big, put little effort into collecting potential client emails. Most do get emails, sometimes just from contact forms on the website. I think you should make it a major part of any marketing plan. You have the opportunity to go right to client homes with new offers on a daily basis. I get emails all the time from companies I’ve bought from: “50% new shoes” is a good headline from an email I know.


But there are problems. Have you bought many items from companies who sent you unsolicited emails? There are ways around this, and the next steps will show you how.

  1. Renting Lists
    The best way, especially in the beginning, to get your email marketing campaign off the ground is to start renting lists. These are higher returns because people are actually more interested in new offers from new companies. Some expect new emails and will likely give your offer a chance.  The problem with renting lists is once you stop with one set of customer emails, many of those customers will never look to you again. That means you also need to start renting on a rotating basis emails designed to convert new customers on a daily basis.

  2. Renting Lists, AND

You need to rent lists continuously, at least in the beginning, until you get conversions. I also recommend working hard on your own select list positioned on your website and  in free articles and/or promotional offers.

So getting emails is quite important, but what type of businesses would use this form of online marketing? Few companies cannot turn a profit with an email campaign, but some might better spend time elsewhere. Your email campaign might fail too, but that happens in any marketing effort. The trick is to use multiple methods of getting emails, renting emails, and converting customers over long periods.

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