The Truth About Adsense and the Myth of Overnight Riches

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There is a lot of business being done and hot air being talked across the internet around the ability of Google’s Adsense programme to change your life and make you rich, even overnight if some of the ‘get rich quick’ peddlers are to be believed. Anyone starting out with a website or thinking of using Adsense (or any similar advertising vehicle) needs some honest advice about just how difficult it is to make any real money. Yes, with the right website, you can earn money and yes, some website owners do make staggering amounts, but a bit of truth and common sense needs to enter the overhyped ‘work at home’ equation somewhere, especially in terms of expectations of the scheme and its potential for the average website.

The first step in realising what Adsense means to you is to understand what Adsense is.  In simple terms, it’s a means of serving content-relevant advertisements to a website. The content of a web page is crawled by one of Google’s robots to ensure ads are served based on the subject matter of the page. When a visitor clicks on one of these ads, the person registered with Adsense, usually the website owner, receives an amount of money.  The amount of money earned from that click is driven by the subject, the keywords and the value and level of competition for those keywords in Google’s Adwords scheme. Adwords is Google’s pay per click (PPC) programme where website owners can bid to have their ads served to relevant sites. The quality and relevance of ads served to you is entirely dependent upon the content of the web page you have the ad block on. It’s equally important to remember that the relevance of the served ads is very dependent upon the quality of the content on the web page.

The quick thinkers among you will have realised by now that this works best with written content. Adsense does work with picture based sites, but can be less effective. The Google search engine’s thirst for informative, well-written, textual content means that Adsense works best when deployed within keyword-dense, high quality text pages. This, in part, explains the recent popularity in article based websites and directories, many of which deploy Adsense on their pages.

So can you create a website with any old content, open a Swiss bank account and watch your riches flood in? In short, no, it just isn’t that easy. Being successful with Adsense requires an ability to create or source, unique, quality content combined with a good working knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because your earnings are also very dependent upon the amount of traffic your site receives. Web traffic attraction is an art in itself, demonstrating that understanding how to succeed in Adsense requires several facets of specialist website management knowledge including content creation, website design, SEO and website marketing.

You can’t achieve success with any old traffic either. For Adsense to work and provide the webmaster with those valuable clicks, the site needs to attract quality, targeted traffic. Google is very strict about its Adsense system. Targeted traffic is a must. Many beginners believe they can just sign up with a traffic exchange system and the clicks will come but exchanges do not and cannot provide quality, targeted traffic. They are against the Terms of Service for Adsense and will get you banned from the scheme if you’re caught. The best traffic for your site will be dependent upon your niche or subject, but is generally accepted to be search engine traffic, that is, visitors who found your site through searching on a particular subject. You should therefore look to spend sufficient time developing and improving your standing in search engine results for your chosen keywords and search terms. Remember though that some people’s entire careers revolve around such activities. It can be a full-time occupation and competition for all keywords and search terms never ceases, meaning you are never done in your work.

Earning from Adsense is hard work, takes specialist knowledge and can take a long time. Not just anyone will be able to do it. Not everyone will have the time to devote to it. The often repeated myth that you can start a website from nothing and make money overnight is just that: a myth. Even established websites with average traffic levels may only make a few dollars per day, if that. Adsense will only work for you if you work at continually maintaining, expanding and improving your website, its traffic and its standing in the search results. Every time you find someone on the net telling you that Adsense will change your life, remember that it’s possible but unlikely and certainly very hard work. Overnight Adsense success can only come to those who have a successful website already established with high levels of quality traffic.

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