Three Ways to Make Money Online

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Do you hope to take advantage of the Internet to earn some extra cash? Are you counting on generating a supplemental income from your online endeavors? If so, here are three ideas that can work for you.

1. Become a freelance writer.

The Internet is loaded with websites where you can write for money. Some sites offer to buy your articles outright, some enable you to market your articles to potential customers, and some allow you to earn revenue through Google AdSense or pay-per-view statistics. Some bloggers make money through a combination of Google AdSense and sponsorships.

If you are interested in trying your hand at freelancing, check out sites like Constant Content, Bukisa, Associated Content, and Suite101. Read through the terms, make sure you qualify, and decide on your best venue(s).  Then start writing. Organize your thoughts, share your expertise, and start producing high-quality articles.

While freelancing can take time before it generates a regular income, it has the potential to eventually provide a significant revenue stream. The determining factors will be the quality of your writing, the popularity of the subject matter, the effort you invest in producing new material, and the venues you choose to use.

2. Sell your own products.

For years, website like Amazon, eBay, and Kijiji have allowed users to sell both used and new items. If you have items laying around the home that you no longer need (such as books, CDs, DVDs, or collectables), why not see if you can sell them? Selling used items online usually results in a much greater income than can be earned through a yard sale. Better yet, consider producing your own product (such as crafts, ebooks, photographs, or videos) and sell them online.

If you’d prefer to market your products toward a specific industry, contemplate setting up your own website. With free online tools from sites like PayPal, you can easily allow customers to add items to a “shopping cart” and then purchase them. If you do set up your own site, make sure you optimize it for SEO and promote it with Google AdWords, Facebook, or Twitter.

3. Set up a fee-based membership site.

If you can create a site others would pay to join, a membership site can become a consistent source of revenue for you. Usually, though not exclusively, such sites offer a growing variety of digital products such as videos, software, or professional tools.

The biggest benefit of a membership site is that you can set up a recurring membership fee that is payable weekly, monthly, or annually. Though it can take time to attract and add new members, the potential income from renewals make membership sites a very attractive option.

Some innovators strike it rich with such online endeavors. Most, though, are happy to earn a modest income. While you should keep your expectations reasonable, you should not ignore the potential benefits of an online income. Be creative and explore the best options for you.

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