Top 10 Keyword Phrases to Make Money Online

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In order to make money online, you should know the top 10 keyword phrases. There are many ways to use keyword phrases to make money online but here we will just be looking at the top 10 and how to get them:

  1. Several keyword phrases: Use several words for your keyword phrases instead of just one word. Since most people think one word is enough, your competition may think that way, too.

  2. Think like your target audience:  What keyword phrase will visitors use to get to a site?  Single words may be more competitive, so try to find two- or three-word phrases that a customer looking for your site may click on.

  3. Other sources for keyword phrases: Have several people give you suggested keyword phrases and use the best ones, or combine the ones you prefer, and use them on your site.

  4. Competitor’s keyword phrases: Use your browser to see the source code of your competitor’s page. This way, you will see what keyword phrases they are using. This way your web pages can be optimized.

  5. Finding variation of keyword phrases:  Try to come up with a variation for the keyword, such as words that are similar to it or synonyms of the word you selected. You may be surprised at how many variations of the keyword phrases you may come up with.

  6. Keyword phrases that reflect local cities and states: In your keyword phrase, you can add a city, town or state so as to make it specific to that location only. Some people prefer to work with locals, rather than a global audience. You can even add these to your contact page to pull in possible traffic from your competition and make some money online.

  7. Check the statistics from your site: Search the statistics program from your search engine and the raw server log to find out what keyword phrases your visitors are using to find you and your site. They may be using words you did not even think of.

  8. Optimize your page: By using keyword phrases that are really relevant to your product or service, you will get a lot of visitors to your site and may even be able to make a lot of money online by doing so.

  9. Speak to your visitors:  Another way you can find keyword phrases that will make money online for you is to ask your customers and visitors how they found you. They will be your gauge so you can change or modify your keyword phrases.

  10. Effective link building: To be effective in building links, you must incorporate important keyword phrases into you linking text and titles. Effective keyword phrasing gives search engines, such as Google, a clue as to what the page is about. This keyword phrase, depending on its ranking, can also make money online for you, especially when customers start to purchase your products and services.

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