Who Should Take the SEO “Bill”? Marketing or Technical Departments?

| September 11, 2009 | 0 Comments

Every day something can be learned about SEO, but so many things go unaddressed, unfortunately even by those who say they’re SEO experts.

The big question that needs to be addressed here is the SEO bill. Should your technical department take the SEO bill? Or should marketing handle it?

Actually, SEO billing should be chosen far earlier than the billing cycle. Not only should you hire an SEO company early, but they should be a big part of how your site goes up.

Search engine optimization shouldn’t be downplayed. Some think, much like marketing, once you get the page right you’re safe for years. SEO doesn’t work like that. It’s one of  the most important aspects of marketing that should be looked at early and often, and then continuously throughout your marketing effort.

The marketing department should take the bill, but they should also take SEO to be as important as web design, if not more. Without a proper SEO campaign, there is no point in going online at all; even name brands need to be found by search engines. With the power of SEO at your disposal, success may not be guaranteed but it often helps in incredible ways.

And yes, it’s marketing and not technical. It shouldn’t be done by the web design company, sometimes not even the marketing company you hire. The good news is there are many qualified SEO experts who understand how to implement successful strategies into your marketing campaign from day 1.

SEO is valuable. Why?

  1. SEO gets your site more hits, AKA more exposure.
  2. Hits mean more than one hit in most cases, as word of mouth (and chatting) work in the online world too.
  3. SEO and social media combined have made companies billions.
  4. And SEO can be implemented faster than many other marketing campaigns (such as email marketing)

The important thing is to focus early on making your SEO campaign as important as all other marketing efforts. True, SEO needs to be used in tandem. Much like you can’t have poor text on an expensive web page, neither can you bring visitors to a site that is difficult to find the correct pages and is confusing.

So we know that SEO goes to marketing—it’s designed to bring you more business. The final point to mention is that SEO is the most cost-effective way to find new customers of any campaign. There are billions of search engine searches, whether they’re on Google or Yahoo, every single day. And soon, with the right SEO, one of those searches will find your site.

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